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Bhavna Kapoor

Founder, Agram

As a seasoned business leader with over 20 years of HR expertise, I have devoted my career to empowering companies by building robust, high-performing teams that drive unparalleled success and exponential growth.

With a passion for attracting top talent and propelling individuals towards career advancement, my professional journey has spanned across —India, the Middle East, and Singapore—where I have assisted clients and candidates across diverse geographies.

Working alongside individuals from diverse nationalities has bestowed upon me a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities inherent in cultivating and managing a global workforce. It is through this lens that I recognize the pivotal role of integrity, trust, and hard work—values that anchor my personal and professional ethos. To me, success is not only measured by achievements but also by the way it is attained.

Agram, the name of our organization, holds deep significance. Derived from Sanskrit, it symbolizes the essence of our mission—to help businesses remain at the forefront of their industries. Just as the name suggests, we are driven to provide agile, innovative, and cutting-edge solutions that keep our partners ahead of the competition.

At Agram, we recognize that thriving businesses must embody agility, innovation, and a deep commitment to meeting the needs of their employees and customers. We approach Human Capital with an unwavering understanding of these challenges, firmly believing that people play a central role in fostering inclusive, supportive work environments that nurture innovation, creativity, and achievement.

As the proud founder of Agram, my unwavering dedication lies in equipping our partners with the expertise and guidance needed to excel in today's fast-paced and fiercely competitive marketplace.

Together, let us forge a path to success, where your organization's growth knows no bounds.

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